Competence development

In Seadrill we believe that skills and competence are developed in the interaction between education, training and experience gained in the workplace.


Seadrill's core business is drilling offshore oil and gas wells. The company recognizes that working on board a mobile offshore drilling unit requires specific skills, training and competency to ensure that daily operations and response to emergency situations can be undertaken safely and professionally.

This is achieved by having crews with the right competency, incorporating education, training and experience, to undertake the tasks expected of them. Seadrill strives to provide the employees with training elements for the core competency necessary for individuals to work on our drilling units. The nature and quality of the training received must be of such a standard that employees can be counted on completely to fulfill their tasks.

To this end Seadrill uses SkillsXP to define, assess and record all training and competency requirements. To ensure compliance with regional, country and client specific regulations. To identify any potential skills gaps and address development plans where needed.

01.04.2009 14:32:38 Tove Aasberg