When was Seadrill incorporated?

Seadrill was incorporated on May 10, 2005 in Bermuda.

What is Seadrill's business?

Seadrill provides offshore drilling services for national, international, and independent oil companies. The Company provides rigs that can drill in shallow, deepwater, ultra-deepwater and in both harsh and benign environments.

Where can I find Seadrill's bye-laws?

Seadrill's bye-laws can be found here

Where is Seadrill's stock traded?

The Company's common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) (primary listing) and the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) (secondary listing).

What is Seadrill's ticker symbol?

The Seadrill ticker symbol is SDRL.

Are the listed shares of Seadrill registered based on American Depository Receipt (ADR) on the NYSE?

No, it's a full listing.

What are the CUSIP and ISIN numbers for Seadrill?
CUSIP: G7945E105
ISIN: BMG7945E1057
Who are the transfer agents?
Registrar in Norway :
Nordea Bank Norge ASA
P.O. Box 1166, Sentrum
0107 Oslo, Norway
Tel: +47 22 48 62 62
Registrar in the US:
480 Washington Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07310
Attn: Shareholder
U.S. Toll Free: 1-800-301-3489
Outside the U.S: +1 201 680 6578
How do I convert my shareholding from Oslo Stock Exchange to NYSE?

Please contact your broker who will fill out a conversion form and fax it to Nordea Bank Norway.

Contact Details - Nordea Bank Norway - Issuer Services
- Phone: +47 22 48 62 62
- Email: issuerservices@nordea.com

Subsequent to your broker completing the conversion form and faxing it to Nordea Issuer Services, your shares will be transferred from your securities account to Nordea Issuer Services conversion account. Nordea settlement department sends an instruction to deliver shares from their account to your securities account.

If I have questions regarding my stock certificates who may I contact?

Please contact the transfer agent in Norway or USA.

Where can I find information on Seadrill's historical share price development?

Information on the Seadrill share price can be found here.

What is Seadrill's dividend history?

Seadrill's dividend history can be found here.

What is Seadrill's policy for dividend payout?

The level of dividend will be guided by earnings expectations, market prospects, current capital expenditure programs as well as investment opportunities.

When do shares have to be held in order to receive distributed dividends?

Shares have to be held on the day prior to the ex-dividend date to qualify for a dividend.

Does Seadrill have a dividend reinvestment plan?

Seadrill does not have a dividend reinvestment plan in place.

Where can I find information on Seadrill's outstanding bonds?

Information on all Seadrill's bonds can be found here.

When are Seadrill's next financial results due?

Please see our financial calendar that can be found here.

Where can I obtain a copy of Seadrill's latest annual report or quarterly statement?

All of Seadrill's financial reports can be found here.

What is the acquisition history of Seadrill?
2010 Acquired Scorpion Offshore Ltd.
2007 Acquired Eastern Drilling ASA
2006 Acquired Smedvig asa
2006 Acquired Mosvold Drilling Ltd.
2005 Acquired Odfjell Invest Ltd.
Does Seadrill currently have offshore rigs under construction and what is the delivery schedule for?

Please see the fleet status report, click here.

When is the next annual general meeting?

Seadrill generally holds its AGM around September every year, notices are sent out approximately one month ahead in time.

Which research analysts cover Seadrill?

A list of analyst covering the Seadrill stock can be found here.

Who is Seadrill's auditor?

Seadrill's auditor is PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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