Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), Jack-ups

Posted: 23.11.2010
Position responsibility: -
The Offshore Installation Manager is the person in charge of the MODU at all times and is responsible for the safety, health and welfare of all persons on board the installation. The OIM ensures that the client drilling objectives are met, giving due regard to achieving this in a safe and effective manner. The OIM is also responsible for ensuring that Seadrill policies and Safety Management System adhered to.

Area (s) of Responsibility: -
Supervises and coordinates all drilling, work over, well servicing operations and other operations as required by the Company and Customer Representative. Responsible for assuring that all operations under his supervision are carried out safely, efficiently and in accordance with the appropriate regulatory, Company and Customer requirements.

Key Tasks:
• In overall charge of the MODU and responsible for its safe and efficient operation, ensure compliance with approved Annual Plans, goals and objectives

• Direct the training and emergency drills of all personnel aboard the MODU to ensure readiness for emergencies and compliance with regulatory requirements

• Knowledge of current applicable legislation and certifying authority requirements e.g.:-
• General requirement of OHS & SOLAS, MODU code and Class
• Specific National Laws & requirements

• Chairs the daily organisation meeting by prioritising, directing and delegating planned activities

• Evaluate the general condition of the MODU and frequently inspect individual areas. Implement additional maintenance, repairs or cleaning to ensure safe and efficient operations; undertake audits and inspection as per Seadrill audit and inspection procedures

• Participate fully in all safety initiatives and safety programs; participate in all safety meetings, including weekly, pre-tour and pre-job / toolbox meetings

• Responsible for ensuring all personnel onboard undertake safety induction training and receive instructions on hazards relevant to their positions.

• Develop a “Well Control Plan” for the MODU

• Control budget and inventory


• Familiarise himself with the Company Safety Policy and to take all reasonable care to ensure the health and safety of him and persons likely to be affected by his acts or omissions, as required under the company Safety Management System.

• Ensure that the Company Safety Policy is fully implemented and adhered to by all persons under their authority.

• Ensure that all work is carried out to the requirements of the Permit-to-Work system and in compliance with Safety Procedures in force, initiates Permits-to-Work as necessary within their discipline and ensures all safety precautions are carried out.


• Ensure that all employees under their authority have sufficient information and knowledge to carry out their job without endangering any persons, plant or equipment and are adequately trained and experienced for a particular task before they are instructed to carry it out

• Ensure that health and safety at work and accident prevention are continuously brought to the attention of all employees under their authority by means of job supervision, instruction and training

• Carry out Trip Assessment at the appropriate time for both new start and existing drilling staff and annual staff assessments

• Ensure that all staff understands the expectations with regards, Safety, Housekeeping, STOP, TEMPO, Vision and Values, Reporting and general behaviour.
Closing date for applications: 23.12.2010
 Basic offshore safety training
 GMDSS certificate
 Master Mariner (Unlimited)
 Offshore Lifeboat Coxswain Training
 Relevant experience from drilling
 Stability & Ballast Control for MODU