Derrickman, Deepwater units

Posted: 01.12.2011
Seadrill is a leading drilling company operating worldwide. To maintain our lead we are continuously looking for talented people, who will share our vision of growing the company and contributing to setting the standard in drilling.

We are now looking to strengthen our drilling team, and are looking for an experienced Derrickman for work in Mexico for our Americas region.

Job Summary
Supervises the operation of monitoring / maintaining the drilling fluid properties as per instructions, drilling fluid mixing, pumping and the mud processing system. Responsible for maintaining mud pumps, mud pump room, mud mixing / processing area’s and sack room


1.Maintaining / monitoring the mud pumps and mud pits during operations. Notifying the Driller immediately of any unexplained pit level increases/decreases
2. Verify and record drilling fluid properties at regular intervals and report any deviation from operational requirements to the Driller
3. Work in close cooperation with the Mud Engineer
4. Maintain daily logs of drilling fluid properties, chemicals and mud materials. Assist in completing the mud record section of the daily drilling report
5. Operate all drilling fluid equipment in the pump / pit room in accordance with operational requirements. Mix and treat drilling fluid as per instruction
6. Operate, maintain, and repair valves associated with mud system, solid controls equipment and related piping and valves
7. Participate in the process of fluid transfer of the mud system to / from supply vessels
8. Maintain running inventory of mud pump and mud processing consumables
9. Ensure that approved rig operating procedures are adhered to at all times. Report all unsafe activities, situations, and potential hazards to supervisor
10. Effectively use all safety and environmental tools employed by Seadrill (4-point check, OBS cards, PTW etc.)
11. Perform all emergency duties as per designation on the station bills
12. Ensure housekeeping is maintained in assigned areas
13. Actively participate in the Safety Management Systems
14. Mentor, develop and train crew members to ensure they are competent to work in their current job positions and where appropriate coached and prepared for the next position
15. Actively participate in safety, departmental, pre-tour, client meetings, etc.
16. Assist with deck or rig floor operations as required
17. Assist with the supervision and training of Assistant Derrickman
18. Complete training requirements in a timely manner as per Seadrill training matrix.

• Must meet educational experience requirement
• Must meet work experience requirement
• Knowledge of standards, regulations and requirement within the industry
• Good language skills, both oral and written

Personal skills
• Proactive and safe work attitude
• Team attitude
• Good communication skills
• Commercial awareness and business understanding

What we offer
• Global opportunities
• A challenging, encouraging and supportive environment
• Development programs
• Competitive remuneration package
• A dynamic working environment

Closing date for applications: 08.12.2011
 Basic offshore safety training
 High school diploma or equivalent
 Must pass Physical and Drug Screen
 Relevant experience from deep water drilling
 Relevant experience in Position/Trade of Specialisation
 valid well control certificate