Crane Operator, Tender rigs

Posted: 29.04.2011
The Crane Operator's main functions include but are not limited to:

a) Promoting safety awareness and safe work practice among all the personnel on
b) Assist the Barge Engineer in all deck and marine operations, in support of the
drilling program
c) Deck Supervisor for all Tender deck operations and Lifting activity.
d) Operating the two cranes onboard the tender.

This is a general job advertisement for the postion Crane Operator for Seadrill’s semi-tenders, West Vencedor and West Setia, currently located in Angola.

Preferred rig experience:
- Tender
- Land rig
- Moored semi-submersible

Please note that qualified applicants will only be contacted when there is a suitable opening.
Closing date for applications: 01.09.2011
 Crane Operator (Pedestal - offshore)
 OIM Certificate (Semi-Tenders)
 Stability Course (Tenders)