HR Advisor- Payroll, Administration

Posted: 23.05.2011
Job Summary:
Responsible for the coordination and administration of payroll for all US local and expatriate staff.
At least 2 years Payroll experience preferred.

1. In cooperation with the organization’s vendor (ADP), coordinate and insure the timely payment of the US, Expatriate payroll, to include computation of required deductions, preparation and verification of payroll(s) and maintenance of records and reports.
2. Prepare and audit payroll reports on a periodic, quarterly, and annual basis while making corrections as needed
3. Act as the first line of contact for all employee wage and tax inquiries
4. Review and process all prorated payroll date resulting from new hires, terminations, promotions, demotions, and leave of absences
5. Maintain payroll records by filing supporting documentation for all edits and adjustments
6. Generate payroll reports for global business units and departments as needed
7. Follow retention guidelines for all federal and state forms
8. Ensure employee wages are paid in accordance with all applicable collective bargaining agreements
9. Ensure employee benefits and deductions are properly calculated and taxed
10. Reporting as needed.

Closing date for applications: 06.06.2011
 4+ years progressive payroll experience
 Exceptional customer service skills via phone and email
 High school diploma or equivalent
 Multi-state payroll processing experience
 Must be US citizen or have legal right to work in the US
 Must pass background check
 Must pass drug screen
 Prior experience with Oracle helpful
 Proficient in Microsoft Office including VISIO