Production 1

Learning objectives:
The student shall have knowledge of the distinctive characters of hydrocarbons as well as structure, operations and equipment used in conjunction with production wells and reservoirs.


Intermediate objective 1

The student shall:
a) be able to explain various groups of hydrocarbons, the states of aggregates and phase transitions, determine Z-factor, viscosity and density and be able to calculate formation volume factor.
b) be able to evaluate risk in conjunction with the handling of hydrocarbons, ratios of mixtures of hydrocarbons/oxygen, use of neutral gas and be able to explain common contaminations in hydrocarbons.
c) be able to carry out simple calculations with the state equation.

Intermediate objective 2
Production wells

The student shall:
a) be able to explain completions and methods for production wells.
b) be able to explain selection of tubulars, wellheads and production trees for producers and injectors and demonstrate knowledge on packers, safety valves, anchoring/nipple profiles, circulation valves and compensating equipment.
c) be able to calculate loads in a completion string..

Intermediate objective 3

The student shall be able to:
a) explain the flow regime in reservoirs and surface equipment and to calculate pressure losses in reservoir and wells.
b) evaluate reasons for production losses, explain drive mechanisms in reservoirs and methods for maintaining reservoir pressure, evaluate corrective maintenance in conjunction with corrosion and erosion and to evaluate reasons for formation damage and the prevention of these.
c) explain damages connected to sand production and the prevention of these, the formation of wax and scale and how to stimulate wells.

Intermediate objective 4
Equipment and operations

The student shall be able to:
a) explain the use of wireline equipment, coiled tubing and snubbing, explain the methods in use for well killing and pulling of tubing with the rules belonging to work on pressurized wells as well as safe operations in wellwork.

Assessment is a written web-based test

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