Well Planning

Learning objectives:
The student shall have knowledge on design of various wells and how geological information from the reservior affects the planning of the well activities.

Well planning

Intermediate objective 1
Planning design, hole dimensions, well trajectories and specific equipment in use while drilling various wells.

The student shall be able to:
a)explain the determination of hole sizes, casing and the setting depths of the casing strings.
b)explain the determination of well trajectory and well targets in exploration and production drilling, based on the geological conditions.
c)explain the determination of well trajectory and well targets in drilling injection wells, based on the geological conditions
d)explain the actual methods for drilling and the application of the various methods.
e)explain the methods in use in constructing vertical, horizontal and multilateral wells.

Intermediate obkective 2
Selection of equipment and methods for preparing wells for production..

The student shall be able to:
a)explain various methods for preparing vertical horizontal and deviated wells for production and injection..
b)explain various ways for preparing multilateral wells for production or injection.

Intermediate objective 3
Evaluation and selection of drill string components in various phases of the drilling operation.

The students shall be able to:
a)explain the composition of the drill string for drilling the various sections.
b)explain the reasoning for selecting the various equipment.
c)explain the purpose of each drill string component.
d)explain the functionality and purpose of steerable drilling assemblies.
e)explain the principles and methods for drilling with downhole steerable systems.
f) explain equipment and methods in use for coring.
g)explain equipment and methods used in fishing operations.
h)explain equipment and methods used in drilling multi-lateral wells.

Intermediate objective 4
Calculate tension loading and forces acting on the drill string during the various operations.

The student shall be able to:
a)carry out the necessary calculations to determine tension loading on drill strings and equipment.
b)calculate momentum and rotational speed on the drill bit when using steerable mud motor.
c)dimension the drill string according to given criterias and the API standard.
d)use the API standard and explain load and tension tolerances.

Assessment is a written web-based test

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