Well Fluids

Learning objectives:
The student shall have knowledge of the different types of well fluids used in the petroleum industry.

Well fluids

Intermediate objective 1
Drilling fluids.

The student shall be able to:
a)explain the functions of the drilling fluids, determination of drilling fluid density under various operations and carry out density checks.
b)explain how the various formation interacts with the drilling fluids properties and what role the drilling fluids play in conjunction with wellbore problems.
c)explain the special conditions related to oil based drilling fluid..
d)explain how drilling fluids are tested as well as which chemical reactions are relevant to drilling fluids..

Intermediate objective 2
Service fluids.

The student shall be able to:
a)explain the main function of the service fluid, based on the composition evaluate which type of service fluid to use and explain the different forms of corrosion encountered when using service fluids..
b)explain how service fluids are tested.

Intermediate objective 3

The student shall be able to:
a)explain the methods for manufacturing cement, the primary function of the cement slurry, composition, additives and how to test the slurry.
b)explain function and purpose of the cementing equipment.
c)explain the main principles behind primary cementing, balanced plugs, squeeze cementing and how to carry out the necessary calculations.

Assessment is a written web-based test

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