Maintenance Strategy

Learning objectives:
The student shall have basic knowledge on technical maintenance and how maintenance is organized offshore. He/she shall understand the safety philosophy of the offshore industry, as well as the HSE principles, how the maintenance affects the plant reliability, production quality and economy.

Intermediate objective 1
Maintenance leadership and systems.

The student shall be able to:
a)explain the purposes and objectives behind the planned maintenance.
bexplain the pricipal structures and utilization of relevant maintenance systems.
c)explain how computer based maintenance structures are set up, and how these are used.
d)plan, lead and control maintenance activities, conduct maintenance analyses and quality assurement and analyse the outcomes..
e)arrange training and competency development for maintenance personell.
f)explain and use essential definitions and terms within land based or offshore based maintenance in Norwegian and English language.
g)evaluate/analyze future requirements for maintenance and reliability.
h)describe principles behind sale and purchase of maintenance services.
i)explain the financial management and control of maintenance activities.

Intermediate objective 2
Environmental concerns and governmental requirements.

The student shall be able to:
a)explain how welfare, safety and environmental concerns can be assured internally and externally by means of maintenance.
b)define the most important qualitative, environmental and energy related requirements for maintenance.
c)explain the relations between HSE, quality assurance and maintenance and demonstrate a cross-disciplined understanding between these factors in the daily work.
d)explain the regulations and requirements set by the Petroleumstilsynet for assuring quality in maintenance and HSE work.

Assessment is a written web-based test

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