Drilling- and Completion Fluids

Learning objectives:
The student shall have knowledge about drilling and completion fluids and explain the various environmental hazards and challenges connected to the use of the fluids.

Drilling fluids

Intermediate objective 1
Equipment for drilling fluids treatment.

The student shall be able to:
a)explain the composition and properties of various types of drilling fluids..
b)explain the structure of the drilling fluids circulation system and how the equipment is used.
c)evaluate how to optimize the equipment for the drilling fluids treatment.

Intermediate objectives 2
Drilling fluids.

The students shall be able to:
a)explain the drilling fluids influence on the wellbore stability..
b)explain the influence of the drilling fluids when drilling through sensitive formations.
c)evaluate the environmental impact and the health hazards connected with the various fluids.
d)make a well founded selection of the optimum drilling fluids related to the formation of the well being drilled.

Intermediate objective 3
Drilling fluids analysis.

The student shall be able to:
a)measure and calculate te drilling fluids properties.
b)evaluate means of altering the fluids rheological properties related to flow characteristics and drilling.

Intermediate objectives 4
Completion fluids

The students shall be able to:
a)make a well founded choice of completion fluids.
b)explain the various chemicals in use in the fluid.
c)evaluate the environmental impact and the occupational hazards connected to the various chemicals, fluids and scale deposits.

Intermediate objectives 5

The student shall be able to:
a)explain the different types of cementing equipment.
b)explain the various cementing techniques.
c)calculate the optimum displacement rate and debate the various pressure regimes in the well during pumping and setting of cement.
d)explain various methods of evaluating cementing operations and what problems that can arise from poor cement quality.

Assessment is a written web-based test

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