Well Control 2

Learning objectives:
The student shall have comprehensive knowledge about the various pressure regimes in a well and carry out all necessary calculations before, during and after a situation where a well becomes unstable or in any other critical well situation. The student shall know the relevant well control equipment and be able to use it.

Well control 2

Intermediate objective 1
Well control during drilling.

The students shall be able to:
a)evaluate and discuss use of instrumentation in the drilling process with the aim
of detecting abnormal conditions as soon as possible.
b)explain the relevant procedures for the various well kill methods.
c)explain and utilize the various well kill methods in a safe and efficient way, and thereby be able to kill a well in a controlled manner (on simulator).
d)evaluate and debate various conditions related to drilling in areas with shallow gas and be able to carry out the necessary calculations related to shallow gas situations.
e)explain the function and modes of operation for the well control related instruments and equipment. (on simulator).
f)explain and debate the various conditions that are special for drilling underbalanced.

Intermediate objectives 2
Well control in deep waters and in HTHP wells.

The students shall be able to:
a)debate various challenges related to use of marine risers on different water depths.
b)evaluate special conciderations necessary while drilling and servicing wells in deep waters.
c)evaluate special conciderations necessary while drilling and servicing wells with high temperatures and high pressures (HPHT wells).

Intermediate objectives 3
Use of well control equipment and instruments in special drilling and well activities.

The students shall be able to:
a)explain how traditional equipment can be used in undedrbalanced drilling and well servicing.
b)explain the use of necessary instruments used in pressurized wells and in special drilling operations.

Intermediate objectives 4
Load calculations on equipment used in producers and injectors.

The students shall be able to:
a)determine the forces that acts on equipment in producers and injectors under various conditions.
b)use the calculated values to carry out the work in a safe and efficient manner.

Assessment is a written web-based test

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