Meet the team

Around the world, from rig to rig, our crews form one big family driven by keeping each other safe in day to day operations. Sharing a safety-conscious mindset enables us to achieve our shared goals. We work together to stay one step ahead in everything we do and support each other to succeed.

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We are safety conscious, accountable, inspirational, loyal and proactive

These are the values that define our culture. They help to define who we are, how we operate and how we behave. They help us to make good decisions. These values help to define what we say, think and do. Our values are the fundamental features of our identity; they can never be forgotten nor compromised. Whatever their role, and wherever they’re based, every one of our people shares our values.


How long have you been with Seadrill, and what keeps you here?

I have been with Seadrill for three years. Working with such proactive and loyal colleagues in ensuring we achieve all our goals safely and to the highest standard is what keeps me here.

Can you describe the Seadrill culture?

The immediate working environment is great. Everybody comes out here embracing the Seadrill Core Values and using the Seadrill Safe Actions to make sure we achieve our goals safely and efficiently.

What are the people like at Seadrill?

People in Seadrill are hardworking and loyal. The rig is not only where you work, but also where you live for weeks at a time, so it is important to allow for relaxation time off-shift. We are lucky that we have a well-equipped gym, computer games, table tennis and organised bingo nights, to name a few, which allow you to relax outside of working hours.

What would your Seadrill ‘elevator pitch’ be?

Seadrill is a great company to work for. You will work with highly qualified colleagues who, together with the company, will drive you on to be the best you can be.


Andrew Morrison

Assistant Technical Section Leader


To be a good fit in our team onboard you have to embrace the Seadrill values. Always maintain your high standards and help each other out.


Why did you join Seadrill?

I have always had a keen interest in working at Seadrill for what it promoted to its employees via the satisfaction everyone had in working for Seadrill.

What makes someone a good fit for your team and for Seadrill?

The unity and respect among all of the team.

What, for you, is the main impact you can have working with Seadrill?

The greatest satisfaction I have is knowing that my co-workers are proud to work with me because I am proud to work with them where our efforts achieve operational success.

What other types of support do you get?

Great supervision that is always combined with the team giving support and sharing knowledge and experiences.


Jobson Da Trindade Frias



A company that is committed to the safety and well-being of all employees.


How long have you been with Seadrill, and what keeps you here?

I’ve been with Seadrill since 2012, and what really keeps me here is the working environment and development opportunities.

What kind of opportunities are there for progression?

I’ve had some good opportunities since I joined Seadrill. I’ve already been to Dubai three times for training. Every time I come back stronger with more knowledge, and it’s great when you can put what you’ve learned into practice. You can see your new knowledge making a difference on a daily basis, and it helps you to make better-informed decisions. With Seadrill I can develop myself every day.

Can you describe the Seadrill culture?

Seadrill is a responsible company, where everyone works together to set the standard in drilling. Our managers and supervisors are very supportive.

What would you say to someone thinking about a career with Seadrill?

With Seadrill I can work with new technology and grow as a professional. You should work here, because I’ve never seen a company taking care of its people the way that Seadrill does.


Rodrigo Amorim



Joining Seadrill gave me a new challenge, and opportunities to grow my knowledge.



Can you describe the Seadrill culture?

Everyone is committed to safety as a priority on operations and has the full support of onshore and offshore management to achieve that. There’s an open line of communication with our management team. The company is very focused on our wellbeing, too.

What kind of opportunities are there for progression?

I’d like to continue to gain experience in my current role to become an Offshore Installation Manager with Seadrill. I joined Seadrill to build a career, and since I’ve been here I’ve had great support from all my supervisors. They’ve mentored me, so I could get to where I am now, and have put me forward to participate in training.

What are the people like at Seadrill?

The rigs I’ve worked on at Seadrill have a great atmosphere; people try to socialize after working hours. It could be a work-out in the gym or watching a soccer game on TV. On Sevan Brazil, we have a weekly barbecue for Seadrill people, the Client and other third parties on board.

What would you say to someone thinking about a career with Seadrill?

If you work hard, are loyal to the company and are safety-focused, there will be opportunities for you. It’s a challenging environment, but you’ll be working in a young fleet with the newest equipment and Seadrill will always invest in your training.


Buster Ferraz

Marine Section Leader


I’m happy and motivated here, and I’m developing many skills.



Why did you join Seadrill?

I was looking for opportunities in the offshore industry, especially in deep water drilling operations that could raise the bar in safety management systems. Seadrill was addressing these challenges, and so it was a good match for me.

How long have you been with Seadrill, and what keeps you here?

It’s been a pleasure to work with my Safety team and all the crew during the last three years, because we’ve already faced challenges together at the beginning of the rig’s operation. We’ve increased the safety culture a lot, which makes it easier to deal with day to day challenges, and to comply with client and company standards.

What makes someone a good fit for the team?

Definitely someone who is loyal and safety-focused and can inspire people around them. They need to be able to take accountability, be proactive and be keen to go further.

What would you say to someone thinking about a career with Seadrill?

Seadrill is an ambitious company. Even during the biggest recession in the industry, they’ve worked hard to find ways to keep the business running effectively – and that’s what makes it special. If you’re working for Seadrill when the industry picks up again, you’ll be three steps ahead of everyone else.


Alexsandro da Silva Siedschlag

Technical Supervisor


We’re like a family, we treat each other with respect and empathy.


How long have you been with Seadrill and what keeps you here?

I’ve been working here for seven years now and I’m very happy and pleased to be part of the team. Seadrill runs the business safely and has the most competent team to do so. They’re setting standards in the industry and are always ahead of the game.

Can you describe the Seadrill culture?

We have a healthy work environment, where everyone is professional and respectful. Living together on the rig, we’re like a family. We care for each other.

What kind of opportunities are there for progression?

Seadrill invests in developing our personal skills and if you’re a keen learner, the sky’s the limit. They believed in me and gave me all the tools to move forward in my career. I’ve felt supported from the beginning and I know I can count on Seadrill to carry on with this support, just as they can count on me.

What other types of support do you get?

I have ultimate responsibility for the rig, and for the safety of the teams. It’s a big responsibility, but I have support from Seadrill to manage that, and from the crew as well. Support is a mutual thing here.


Sérgio Luiz Garcia Sapucaia



Seadrill really cares about their people, and I truly believe in the way that they run the business.