GLOBAL operations

Seadrill is organised by asset class – Harsh Environment, Jack-Ups and Floaters to provide a specialist, co-ordinated and cohesive service across all regions that we operate.

Our global operations are managed by asset class out of Houston and Dubai. We have local operational support in those areas where we operate globally. 

  • Floaters (FL), including drillships and semi-submersibles, is managed out of Houston.
  • Harsh Environment (HE), including HE floaters and Jack-Ups, is managed out of Houston.
  • Jack-Ups (JU), including benign-environment jack-ups, is managed out of Dubai.


The best talent in the industry

Seadrill is built on the passion and talent of our people, which is why we invest in training and development.

We have a highly-trained and capable team with over 40 years of experience. We aim to:

  • Build capability and promote people from within our organization to ensure we have a stream of experienced and skilled people. We complement this with selective external recruitment for specialist roles.
  • Ensure all our drillers meet the Enhanced Well Control training standards, allowing us to continue to operate with the highest safety measures in place – preparing our offshore drilling teams for the challenges they face on the job.

We have also implemented an ‘AD-Driller-Toolpusher’ training programme to help our teams remain up-to-date with new digital technologies and changing industry demands, from automation to advanced data analytics.