Improving safety in our operations is a high priority and we are working on it right across the business.


We track our safety performance using industry metrics and work to continuously improve personal and process safety across all areas of our operations.

We investigate safety incidents and near misses to identify any potential underlying themes and we use leading indicators, like inspections and equipment tests, to monitor the strength of controls to prevent incidents.

What we learn from performance insights helps us focus our safety efforts. For example, we are implementing actions to support the performance and reliability of our people, with the express aim of reducing the chances of mistakes occurring. Proactively monitoring the lifecycle of our equipment is also a focus for us and we believe this is helping to deliver improvements in process safety across the board.

We reinforce Chronic Unease, which is:

  • The ability to react to weak danger signals, not just the strong ones
  • Always being aware of what could happen, before an incident takes place
  • Acting in the safety interests of yourself and others at all times