Data-driven performance

Data-Driven Decision Making

We collect millions of lines of data relating to every aspect of our performance and turn it into information from which we can extract knowledge and make faster, better and focused choices.

With such real-time knowledge and information, we are improving drilling efficiency, safety and delivering wells to a consistently high standard.

We have created an exclusive partnership with one of the world’s leading data science companies, who have a track record in leading innovation in fast-changing industries including the energy industry. Together with Microsoft, we are building a bespoke digital platform called PLATO, to support the understanding of large data sets from our operations using Microsoft Azure, a cloud-based computing service for our data-crunching requirements.

Performance Data

It works by using a series of pre-built algorithms and models that are trained to understand when any area of our performance data is showing an ‘exception to the norm’. If unusual or abnormal trends are identified, PLATO provides clear and specific recommendations for how to improve the overall rig performance. Over time, not only do we learn from the actions taken on board specific rigs, but also how these actions influence performance across the whole of our fleet. We have installed PLATO on four of our rigs to date and in the process of rolling it out across the rest of our floater fleet.

Industry Leading Training

Preparing our teams to tackle critical jobs, situations and conditions that occur on the rig.

Rig Integrity

We are developing a single and unified platform to manage the lifecycle and maintenance for all our asset types – from drilling equipment to facilities to transportation assets.

Business Intelligence and Performance

Our ‘one stop shop’ business intelligence system, powered by advanced analytics.

Delivering Quality Wells

Our modular Managed Pressure Drilling design minimises installation times and improves our fleet flexibility.

Data-driven Performance

Using real-time knowledge and information, we are improving drilling efficiency, reliability and safety.

The biggest benefit of analytics is that it provides the opportunity to predict what will happen, instead of recording what has happened or is happening. All these data points allow us to spot patterns as they form, patterns that point to future conditions before they occur, therefore we can take the right action ahead of time and deliver safe and reliable operations.
Leif Nelson

Chief Operating Officer and EVP