We have the most modern fleet of all the major offshore drillers. Our versatile fleet includes drillships, jack-ups, semi-submersibles and tender rigs fit for shallow to ultra-deepwater areas, in both harsh and benign environments.

  • We are recognized for providing the highest quality operations, in some of the most challenging sectors of offshore drilling.
  • We use real-time data analytics for rig performance improvements and deliver with enhanced efficiency and greater predictability.
  • We maintain our strong presence in high-spec jack-ups and position for growth in ultra-deepwater floaters.
  • We explore industry collaboration to give us access to potential growth markets.
  • We adopt new technologies and invest in upgrades in response to evolving requirements in a fast-moving industry and to meet the needs of our customers.


Get to know our fleet


Seadrill Limited owns 34 drilling rigs and we manage 11 rigs on behalf of SeaMex, Northern Ocean, Sonadrill and Aquadrill Offshore. We have the right fleet for the future by:

  • Maintaining a young, high-quality and standardized fleet.
  • Utilising a robust, dynamic and intuitive rig asset management platform.
  • Using real-time rig data analytics for operational performance analysis and predictive maintenance.
  • Continued investment in targeted rig upgrades.

Meet our offshore team

People are at the heart of our success. Our highly-trained and agile workforce have over 40 years of drilling experience.

Our people