Our culture of safety


A strong safety culture

Our goal is to ensure that ‘nobody gets hurt’ whilst performing their job. Everyone at Seadrill has a part to play in meeting our safety commitment.

Through strong leadership and personal responsibility from all employees, we take a systematic approach to identifying, managing and preventing the hazards involved in our day to day operations.

Nothing is more important to us than the health, safety and security of our workforce and the communities in which we operate, and behaving responsibly towards our shared environment. We are vigilant, disciplined and always looking out for one another.

We have developed and embedded a strong safety culture onshore and offshore, fostered by all employees, who each have a personal responsibility and the authority to put an immediate stop to the job if they believe it to be unsafe. Everyone at Seadrill is accountable for helping to build this culture of care.

You can read our Quality Policy here.

Training and development

Improving safety in our operations is the highest priority and we are working on it right across the business. Through simulation exercises, we help prepare our people for the unlikely event of real-life safety incidents. This industry-leading training builds technical skills, reinforces the importance of clear communication and procedures, and highlights non-technical skills which help identify and manage risks that are related to human error.

Barrier management

We take a holistic approach to barrier management, bringing together all aspects of the organization. We do this by risk assessing each task and explaining the outcomes of the risk assessment with all of the employees involved. Where we cannot eliminate a risk, we install ‘barriers’ in place to significantly reduce or manage the risk.

We investigate safety incidents and near misses to identify any potential underlying themes and we use leading indicators, like inspections and equipment tests, to monitor the strength of controls to prevent incidents.

Seadrill safe

Our strong safety culture is integral to how we work every single day.

Proven track record

We track our safety performance using industry metrics.

The environment

We act to minimize and mitigate potential impacts on the environment.

Investing in safety training and development will always be a priority for Seadrill. The skills and performance of our people are vital to our ability to carry out our work safely and responsibly.

Neil Forrest

Vice President, Health and Safety Environment & Sustainability