We’re setting the standard in drilling

Our onshore teams provide the backbone for Seadrill operations worldwide. But it’s our offshore teams who stand on the front line of exploration. With the back-up of a global organisation dedicated to safety and invested in industry-leading technology, our aim is to set the standards others aspire to. It’s an ambitious goal – one that we achieve by combining quality assets with skilled and experienced people. By providing safe and efficient operations, we build and maintain our position as the preferred supplier of offshore drilling services.

We operate state-of-the-art mobile drilling units, applying the latest technological innovations and the expertise of our people. Our fleet is the newest in the industry, comprised of premium jack-up rigs and ultra-deep water and harsh environment rigs. We’ve installed dual BOPS (Blow Out Preventers) to eliminate down-time, and installed MPD systems (Managed Pressure Drilling), the next step in well control unlocking reservoirs that can’t be drilled with conventional methods. Combined with the calibre of our workforce, the opportunities at Seadrill for career development are exceptional.

Why join us?

Seadrill is the world’s most modern offshore deep water drilling company. Our modern, versatile fleet uses ground-breaking technology and includes tender rigs, jack-up rigs, drill ships and semi-submersible rigs for operations in shallow to ultra-deep water in harsh and benign environments. We operate in 15 countries across five continents, employing around 5,000 people from 65 nations. Our people, processes and equipment are the best in the field, and we are always looking for candidates with the drive and ambition to own the opportunities in front of us.

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Our commitment to safety

Safety is a core principle of Seadrill. Protecting our people, environment and assets is integral to everything we do. As we continually strive to create a safe and efficient workplace with no accidents, injuries or losses, we rely on our people to demonstrate safe behaviour through the course of every day.

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Training and development

To help us achieve our goals, we aim to attract and retain the very best people. To excel in our areas of expertise, we’re committed to investing in your development. As well as developing general competency, our state-of-the-art technical training includes ‘as live’ simulation training on bespoke rig simulators. Our world-leading well-control training includes Human Factor, theoretical and technical training both individually and in teams, developing leadership, decision making and communication. The Seadrill training programme uses the most advanced OEM training courses, including the immersive simulators, setting the standards in energy exploration and career progression.

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Our regions

Seadrill manages its operational business in a Western and Eastern hemisphere operating structure

A day in the life

Watch our video about a day in the life of an offshore worker on a Seadrill rig. It’s a challenging, supportive environment where our training and vision makes the difference between a good day at the office and a bad day at work. Our crews are trained to support and help each other to maintain our safety record and drilling efficiency onboard, taking responsibility for themselves and others in this most demanding of professions.

Our People

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