Industry leading training

Raising the Standard In Drilling

We continually challenge ourselves to be the best we can be. The skills and performance of our people is vital to our ability to carry out our work efficiently, safely and responsibly.

Our enhanced well control training – accredited by the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) – is aimed at improving the technical knowledge and competence of our drilling crews as well as foster a culture of continuous, focused learning and knowledge retention.

Using state-of-the-art simulation facilities, our people practice working together under the very conditions found in real life drilling operations, including the same temperatures, pressures and physical impact of ocean currents.

This training in the virtual world means we are drilling more safely and efficiently in the real world. This hands-on, scenario-based approach goes beyond traditional classroom training by focusing on human interaction and responses and how participants work with each other to lead, make decisions and manage challenges.

Working together as a team is enormously important to ensuring that we perform with high levels of safety and efficiency across our operations.

Our enhanced well control training is the most comprehensive in the industry. We developed this level of well control training in conjunction with the IWCF, combining simulated advanced technical and behavioural content.

This industry-leading immersive training builds technical skills, reinforces the importance of clear communication and procedures, and highlights non-technical skills which help identify and manage risks that are related to human error.

This advanced training has been rolled out globally across our fleet and it is our aim to train and develop all our drillers internally to the IWCF standard and we are on track to deliver this.

Industry Leading Training

Preparing our teams to tackle critical jobs, situations and conditions that occur on the rig.

Rig Integrity

We are developing a single and unified platform to manage the lifecycle and maintenance for all our asset types – from drilling equipment to facilities to transportation assets.

Business Intelligence and Performance

Our ‘one stop shop’ business intelligence system, powered by advanced analytics.

Delivering Quality Wells

Our modular Managed Pressure Drilling design minimises installation times and improves our fleet flexibility.

Data-driven Performance

Using real-time knowledge and information, we are improving drilling efficiency, reliability and safety.

Training in the virtual world is helping us to drill more safely and efficiently in the real world. The hands-on, scenario-based approach goes well beyond traditional classroom training and allows drilling teams to practice events and procedures together as an integrated unit.

Neil Forrest

Vice President, Operations Integrity