Our highly trained teams manage the operation and maintenance of a fully integrated Managed Pressure Drilling system from start to finish.


MPD technology offers significant benefits all-around. As an adaptive drilling process, it enables precise control of the annular pressure profile throughout the wellbore, greatly enhancing safety and efficiency.

An introduction to Seadrills approach to Managed Pressure Drilling

Our MPD offering is fully integrated with all drilling equipment onboard as well as our operational procedures and processes to enhance safety, efficiency and fleet flexibility. Five of our ultra-deepwater floaters are equipped with MPD and we continue to assess plans for the deployment of more systems. We recognise that to utilize MPD technology to its full potential, it requires complete integration with the wider, existing drilling equipment. It also needs to be fully incorporated into the procedures and processes which drives the drilling operation and overall performance.

Seadrill’s highly-trained teams now manage the operation and maintenance of the MPD system from start to finish. We ensure that all MPD-related procedures are routinely reviewed for continuous improvement in the safety and efficiency of our drilling operation.

In July 2018, our West Capricorn semi-submersible drilling rig received the first managed pressure drilling notation from ABS for a Column Stabilised Drilling Unit. This notation demonstrates system compliance with the ABS Guide for Classification and Certification of Managed Pressure Drilling Systems.

The West Capricorn features an advanced MPD control system that includes a series of tools and technologies to improve safety, operational capability and system efficiency. Pressure control valves protect the wellbore from unintended high pressure, which can lead to fracturing. The combined integrated choke/valve control system allows easier control, access, and visualization for both onboard and remote drilling operations personnel.

Industry Leading Training


We continually challenge ourselves to be the best we can be. The skills and performance of our people is vital to our ability to carry out our work efficiently, safely and responsibly.