The heart of Innovation

Technology at Seadrill

We recognize the significant impact that advances in technology and digitization is having on our industry and that’s why we have placed this at the centre of our strategy.

We are driving systematic improvement across our operations – offshore and onshore – so that we consistently perform with high levels of safety and efficiency across our operations.

Through adopting new technologies, improving connectivity and increasingly digitizing the way we work, we have complete visibility and control of our assets, coupled with powerful business intelligence that enables us to monitor, manage and share performance data from any area of the business in real-time.

Each of our modern rigs generate billions of lines of data every day. The ability to draw insights from these large data sets presents endless possibilities in how we optimise our drilling performance and ensure the effective care and maintenance of our equipment – without compromising on safety.

We are also using technology in the form of state-of-the-art simulation training facilities, to provide our crews with the best, hands-on technical and leadership training in the industry.

Heart of our Strategy

We’re harnessing advances in digital technology and data analytics to improve what we do and how we do it.

Our industry is changing faster than at any time in our lifetime, driven in part by innovative technological advances, so we have put it at the heart of our strategy.

Leif Nelson

Chief Operating Officer

Data-Driven Performance

Data-Driven Decision Making

We collect millions of lines of data relating to every aspect of our performance and turn it into information from which we can extract knowledge and make faster, better and focused choices.

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Rig Integrity

Future-Focused Rig Asset Management

Our rig asset management platform, Maximo, developed by IBM, provides us with a single platform to manage the lifecycle and maintenance for all our asset types from drilling equipment to facilities, to transportation assets.

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